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Lenders compete to win your business by presenting their best offer as an exclusive, personalized bid. Importantly, mortgageID.Fi prioritizes the security of your information on our anonymous open marketplace.

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At mortgageID.Fi, we’re not a lender. We’re a blockchain-based secure marketplace where lenders bid, and you select the best live mortgage offer. To clarify, we’re not a lender! Instead, you take control and choose the best offer that meets your needs.

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mortgageID.Fi Protects You and Your Data

  • mortgageID.Fi Never Sells Your Personal Data
    • No Names
    • No Address
    • No Phone Numbers
    • No email Address
  • No Mass Marketing
  • Data is Disbursed and Encrypted

Powerful Blockchain Encryption

Blockchain, NFTs and mortgageID.Fi

mortgageID.Fi revolutionizes lending by converting your information into a Utility Non-Fungible Token (NFT), ensuring unparalleled protection and connecting you with lenders’ best offers.

By digitizing your loan request, personal, credit, income, employment, and asset details into an encrypted, anonymous NFT, lenders can confidently bid for your business. This unique approach guarantees your data’s security and anonymity on our blockchain platform. It allows you to control who receives your information based on their offers, free from unwanted calls and messages.

mortgageID.Fi’s innovation lies in its secure, efficient marketplace, where your detailed, documented data attracts valuable offers, empowering you with choice and privacy.

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Building your mortgage request and placing it on the anonymous marketplace takes just a few clicks. From there, it’s up to you to choose the best offer.

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Importantly, your profile information is secured using the latest blockchain technology. Only the winning lender can access your personal information, ensuring no annoying phone calls, texts, or emails.

Above all, you pick the best deal – whether it’s a competitive rate, the lowest cost, or the most creative solution.


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Lenders compete, and you win with mortgageID.Fi!

You could invest your time working one-on-one with multiple lenders or fill out a form to have your information shared with many buyers to find your best mortgage. But be prepared. You will be spam-marketed and may not make the most informed decision.

Why not try mortgageID.Fi? It’s fast, simple, and doesn’t require data sharing. It offers competitive rates all in one place.

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